In Cotton Craft Pvt Ltd we have well-established microbiology labs with high quality equipment, where our sterile products are tested and verified according to standards.

Here we use different standardized methodologies to evaluate the microbiological testing of our sterile products.

We have separate and well monitored premises of micro labs with sufficient space and separate air handling, with controlled temperature and humidity. There is also an appropriate space for cleaning, disinfecting and handling of utensils to minimize the risk of contamination.

Our testing instruments are calibrated internally as well as externally according to international standards.

Here we perform sterility and bio burden tests of our products and evaluate the test on the basis of reference standards. Sterility testing is performed under strictly aseptic condition.

Laboratory practices such as sampling, media and equipment preparation and enumeration of microorganisms is segregated by space or least time, so as to minimize the risk of cross contamination and false positive results.