Cotton Craft Pvt LTD is committed to develop, manufacture and market high quality surgical dressing goods. We strictly ensure that the equipment or machinery employed in the production process is of the top most quality. Cotton Craft manufactures both sterile and non-sterile products and industry is segregated into two main units

  • Processing unit.
  • Manufacturing unit.

Our production manufacturing facility is equipped with modern technology and our plant is also equipped with the modern machinery imported from China.

Our mission is to manufacture the quality and cost effective products to ensure the patients’ health by following the cGMP rules and regulations in quality control and production of surgical dressing goods. We meet the international regulatory standards of quality and safety.


Our production staff is qualified, experienced and competent to ensure the quality standards in manufacturing procedures and familiar with recent developments in Pharmaceutical fields.  During  all manufacturing operations we strictly follow the cGMP rules that assure highest standards of quality in manufacturing.