Mechanical Department:

Cotton craft Pvt Ltd has its own mechanical department that is serving industry in two different following ways;

  • Maintenance of existing machinery.
  • Manufacturing of new machinery.

Maintenance depart involves in

  • Fault finding and correction during production
  • Performing planned and emergency predictive maintenance
  • Assessing need of spare parts
  • Undertake effective planning and prioritization of workload wherever necessary.
  • Ensure that resources are used to optimum effect.
  • Complete and maintain accurate, timely documentation and records as required by the business.
  • Maintain the required standards of housekeeping.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of processes and practices operated by the Company.
  • Liaise with Coordinator to establish requirements

Conforming to health and safety procedures and policies

Whereas manufacturing depart involve in searching and finding new technologies for the development of new machinery according to need of our production capacities and demand.