Social Responsibilities  

w020111107575114861442Social responsibilities of Cotton Craft stem from the founder’s vision of a healthier nation. In the role of a good corporate citizen, Cotton Craft is fully cognizant of its social obligations. Reaching for the declared vision Cotton Craft believes on a holistic approach. Cotton Craft ’s contribution is vital to serve the needs of the community that are economically and socially viable, this encompasses fine areas like health, disaster (flood, earthquakes), promoting art & culture, valuing sports, supporting education and social causes for the well-being of the society. Over the years Cotton Craft has been actively supporting such noble causes.

We organize free medical camps at regular intervals in the rural areas for the benefit of needy and poor patients. These camps are arranged to facilitate the people residing in areas where modern medical facilities are either nonexistent or are scarce, the camps include medical checkup, diagnosis and provision of medicines. In addition to donation of free medicines to Government owned Hospitals the company produces a medicine especially for children suffering from rare blood disorders, the medicine is not commercialized and is donated to the various organizations and societies for free distribution to vulnerable patients.
business with csr practiceThe Company is at the forefront in the area of disaster relief and reconstruction meeting the immediate needs of vulnerable populations by funding the distribution of medical provisions, water, temporary shelters as well as help provision of emergency rations along with, where possible, help restore livelihoods, and help the communities build their resilience for future natural disasters.