Founder Mr Pervaiz Akhtar

Founder  &  Chairman Message

CEO Mr Shahid Akhtar

                                                                                          Thank you for taking the time to visit us on our website.

Our people drive our action. Since 1971, these competent and dedicated pioneers with their teams started a journey equipped with limited resources but with firm belief. Together we will grow and achieve our goals to become powerful and dynamic leader among manufacturers of Quality medical devices.

As a leading hospital supplier of 75% Pakistani hospitals, clinics and local markets, we give high value to our retail segment. We will go beyond your expectations through provision of high quality medical devices at an affordable price. We will bring innovative healthcare solutions through capacity building and continuous training and development of our valuable people.

We consider our research collaborators as our integral partners in developing innovative health care solutions. We have dedicated our resources for the development of new medical devices for the ailing humanity which need skin care products. We will leave no stone unturned to provide these quality skin care solutions at an affordable price.

The Cotton Craft (Pvt.) Limited of tomorrow will have a business presence in many world class markets of Medical Devices. We will continuously develop our world class team to capture the target markets.


Mr Pervaiz Akhtar & Mr  Shahid Akhtar